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Just bought my first street bike in 25 years. Had an RD350 back in the days when sport bikes were a "build it yourself" project. (Chambers, rear sets, clipons, dunstall fairing, k81 dunlops). Got in a wreck in Dallas and I've been off bikes since then. Decided it's time to get back on and the sv650s was the way to go.

Picked up a 2001 cheap. It had been sitting up for 3 years so I have some work to do sorting it out. So far I've done the rust treatment in the tank (PQR-15) and fresh base/clear paint job (Mini Cooper Chili Red).

I'll be cleaning / rebuilding / desnorkling / rejetting the carbs and I have the 03 636 shock and cartidge emulators, just need stiffer springs.

Lots of work but then I'll know the bike quite well and can't wait to play in the Texas hill country West of Austin.
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