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I sold my ZX6R Ninja last year and started having withdrawals, I remember that on long rides the Ninja was really taking a toll on my body I'm 38yrs old, I decided to ride over to a local Suzuki dealer the other day and there were plenty of GSXR's but only 1 lonely and a leftover 06 650S a friend of mine told me couple of years back that it was a comfortable bike, handled great and had plenty of torque in low RPM's so after negotiations on this old/new bike I was riding it home, at first I noticed that this thing starts pulling as soon as I gave it some throttle :eek: Wow! When I purchased the Ninja new and doing the break in I could run faster the the bike so it was a torture to break that thing in. Anyways enough of my rambling and go back to enjoying the SV:)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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