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Hello everyone, I just got an '05 SV naked, last Saturday. My previous bike was an '07 Ninja 500R. That was my first bike that I got in July '08. So far the SV has proven to be a funner bike in the city. The high revving ninja, with it's front fairing is a little funner on the freeway. I think after making a few changes the SV will be the funner bike on the freeway.

A few of my concerns are due to the fact that the previous owner modified the bike making it unsafe in my opinion. He replaced the front and rear turn signals with LED ones that work great at night, but suck during the day when I do most my riding. Then, the bike only has a left bar-end mirror. This sucks because it sticks out past the handlebar so that splitting lanes is now more difficult. I will be most likely getting some Napoleon Black Out mirrors.

Overall, I'm loving this bike. :rock:

Oh yeah, if anyone has any stock front turn signals and/or a stock rear fender with turn signals or know of where I can get them for cheap, can you let me know?
Thanks everyone!
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