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New SV Rider from LA

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Hey Ladies and Gents.

My Name is Marcos from LA. I purchased my crashed but drivable 01 SV650S 3 months ago. I had some doubts about keeping the bike after my first couple of rides but I gave it some time and now I am very happy with my SV. Here is the bike when I started.

The bike had been dropped every which way possible. I did not meet the original owner. I think he'll never ride again.... I bought from the second owner who only had it for about 2 months. I think he was quickly disillusioned with it as it needed a lot of work. So I had it checked by a mechanic, the frame was straight, most components were ok and bam, I had my first bike.

I spent about a month looking for parts and fixing all the fairings. This is how it looked after some work.

I took some short rides and everything seemed very good untill I rode it to work. My comute is about 30 miles each way on highway 10. I wanted to sell it after my first ride to work. My hands and wrist mainly hurt like hell. Now I know that I was just really tense when riding and needed to relax quite a bit. After reading a lot about the subject, correcting my posture and trying to ride properly I am very happy with my SV. I am on my 3rd month of owning my bike and look forward to many years of riding.

Cheers to the bikes we love.
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Thanks Eddiemon and Doxiedog.

I did notice the turn signals Ari. When I first put them on I thought they looked better that way for some reason. It's been corrected.

Good advise also. After taking my safety course and learning on 250 CC bike the SV gave me goose bumps at first. It was a bit intimidating so I was tensing up quick. It makes a huge difference when you ride properly.

Thanks again everyone.
Congrats on your new scoot!

Be careful on those roads down there, too many kooks in cars! That's why I left there 25 years ago!

If you ever find your way a few hours north, I'm just off highway 1 near Pismo Beach. We have the Hwy 1 tour route up to Big Sur and beyond....motorcycle mecca! Look me up before you come up.
Hey Sack!, thank you. Hehe. I don't blame you for leaving. I left the Bay Area because of traffic among other reasons and now I'm in LA traffic....Sigh. I probably have one of the least motorcycle friendly commutes in LA. People just don't want to share the road.

Sounds fantastic, very good offer. I'll be sure to look you up some time when I'm headed down there. I've been looking for good roads to hit this summer.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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