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new rider in ontario

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hey everyone i live in barrie ontario and just picked up sv and wondering if their is any other riders in the area that might know some good trips to go or a ride on
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hey bud, congrats on the SV. I live in acton but my dad and i ride up to barrie a few times a summer.
Congradulations on the new bike, we are in Parry Sound lots of nice roads around here about a hour north of you.
hey, I'm in Toronto....we have lots of roads, too bad there full of traffic.;D
hey ,im in peterborough lots of good roads up here
Welcome. I'm in Oakville. My dad and I both ride SV's. There are some decent roads around here if you know where to look, especially escarpement area.
Barrie is a great place to ride. You're an hour closer to all the good roads then the folk in Toronto
I also live in Barrie and have a 2000 sv650s. The hoarseshoe area and moonstone area are great, I dont think there is a strait road anywere there. There is also upper big chute rd that starts in Coldwater (just north of Barrie on 400 ext) and goes up to the big chute, one word of caution on this road is do not go off the road it is all rock, not very forgiving. The Midland On area is also great. I find that anywere north of Barrie is great. Best of luck and have fun.
head up to the PS sportbike rally. tons of fun and good roads.
Welcome, you're at least an hour closer to the nicer roads than us in the GTA.
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