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New rear shock?

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So after having my 2003 SVS for about 9 months or so, I am ready to upgrade the suspension.

I am 220 and I plan on putting at least 15W oil in the front with 1 KG/MM springs. I have the front end sorted out, its the rear I have a question about.

A guy I bought the bike from has a ZX-6RR rear shock. I know the 636 shock will fit with a little modification. What I am confused about is the ZX-6RR being the 600cc homologous bike and that it is different for track work.

Is the rear shock different from the 6RR compared the the 636?

It is a 2005 ZX-6RR shock and I have no clue if it is different. ???

Thanks in advance.
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imho for street riding with stock brakes those front springs are too hard for you. during the summer 15w + hard spring gives too little rebound damping. i'd put at least sae20 (depends on the brand)
Penske recommends a 550# shock for you, at 540 the ZX6 shock would be a good fit for you. My pref. would be a little softer but if you ever ride with luggage or two up it would be perfect.

But is the shock on the 636 and the ZX6RR the same? And if they aren't, will the ZX6RR shock fit the SV?

Its only $60, and I imagine it would be a massive upgrade from stock.

And I have heard people telling me to do 20, but I thought it was too heavy so I guess I will listen to the people with more experience.
Sorry, I meant to write ZX6R the 636 shock.

I have one if you want it. I even have the correct Kawasaki bottom bolt for it. These shocks are about 10mm longer than stock. I don't know if that's desirable on a Gen 2 or not.
Well, the ZX6RR is a little stiffer than the 636 shock according to Racetech, but as long as it fits I should be fine.

For $60 I wont sweat it if I have to cut the battery box.

Now I just need to decide if I want .95 or 1.0 front springs. Being 220. :(
I'm ~260lbs with 1.0kg/mm springs. They're on the stiff side for me (I have the preload adjusters all the way out and I'm still a tad under correct sag) - for your weight Race Tech recommends .90kg/mm springs. I'd definitely go with 20w oil if you aren't adding emulators.

Also, purchase your springs/oil from Rich at A) they're cheaper than Race Tech but are of the same quality, B) Rich is a great guy, races an SV (daily's a V-Storm 650) and stand by his product, and C) he's a site supporter.
Well, I plan on tracking the bike eventually, but I plan on loosing some weight, so I don't know if I should go with the .95 or .90 in that case.

Most likely the .95 springs, and 20W for sure.

Thanks for the input.
Race Tech recommends .966kg/mm for racing use (220lb rider). Even if you lose 20lbs, RT still recommends .936kg/mm.

I'd go with .95kg/mm springs and 20w oil.

This should get you to the page you need:
Well, I bought some .95 springs from Sonic Springs, and I plan on getting the rear shock Wednesday.

I still have no clue if anyone has ever used the RR shock instead of the 636, but I guess I will feel it out and see if it is possible.
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