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Michelin Power One, an evolutionary leap ( Replaces Power Race )

Michelin introduced its new sport tire

Michelin is working tirelessly and we saw the result of their efforts materialized in the new sport tire Power One, which represents an important evolutionary leap.
By, Sergio Romero

Michelin convened at the Jerez circuit on the day before the last test of the CEV (Spanish series) to try the Power One, in a clear statement of intent, because that is where a new tire should shine. This tire is the result of three years of work and more than 35,000 laps on the circuit, and is to replace the Power Race.
So they have become the greatest exponent in terms of sports tires with drawing. In this presentation, which had been exclusive to the Spanish national press, we could not know the technical details of the tire, so that we will have to wait for its international launch in March 2009. In any case the new rubbers used eight new technical solutions in the manufacturing, plus new casings and compounds.
The dual compound, which introduced the brand in the category, remains one of the key points of its structure, and in this latest version, also takes the leading role.
The Jerez track was waiting for us with excellent conditions and a variety of motorcycles to try to test thoroughly the Power One.
The reaction time is immediately perceived on a Supersport bike as the bike changes direction with just a slight hint on the controls.

Once you start pushing the rhythm comes to light, with excellent grip on both ends. Under braking you can trail brake deep inside of the curve, with total confidence in the front. You must accelerate very hard to find the limits of the rear on these types of bikes….

In recent testing (laps), over a thousand demanding, the benefits of the new tire came to light. Opening the throttle out of the curve Sito Pons, to brake the tire loose, it slid progressively and much softer than did the previous Power Race. Besides just before The tires break loose you get a lot of information from the rubber, so you always know you're nearing the limit. For the last test of the technical team of Michelin dropped 200 grams rear tire pressure and so, although he had plenty laps, the level rose a bit of grip, demonstrating that even with a superbike performance is excellent.

The front end in the motorcycles also works to perfection and although more weight is transferred into the braking you can measure how much pressure conveys, as the casing and gives a lot of information and feel in its deformation.
They will be available in three compounds, A, soft, half B and C for endurance races. In addition, there is the version with V (I think they are referring to the shape) of the front end, which is equivalent to the C above and which was used in competition. The Power One slicks are available in 16.5 "and in 2010 also at 17." The range is completed with rain tires and Supermotard. More development will take place in the CEV next year..

3 years in development, more than 35,000 laps on the track, 350 tyre variations
evaluated over 116 different tests, with temperatures from 3 to 54 degrees C, in
dry and wet conditions, on more than 30 tracks throughout the world and with
more than 130 different test riders, on standard road bikes and prototypes with
200hp they used 2958 tyres, all to complete the most intensive testing ever imagined for a tyre" ………to bring you, Michelin POWER ONE !
Available early 2009, POWER ONE treaded tyres use renowned 2CT technology -
POWER ONE rear slicks incorporate 3CT.
POWER ONE treaded "Street" - for fast road and track day riding.
POWER ONE treaded "Competition" - for track days and racing.
POWER ONE slicks - for racing (including a new 16.5" range).
In sizes to fit all the most popular sports and hypersports machines, plus a full line up across the competition sector, POWER ONE in 2 and 3CT specification ensures that the rider gets the very best tyres, using ultimate technologies to
deliver the key benefits of grip and performance, at riding's cutting edge !

the new tires sizes and choices. This is the current list.

110/70ZR17 54W Power One A …..Soft
120/60ZR17 55W Power One………Medium
120/70ZR17 58W Power One A ….. Soft
120/70ZR17 58W Power One B …..Med Soft
120/70ZR17 58V Power One C ….. C+ Med
120/70ZR17 58W Power One………Medium

150/60ZR17 66W Power One A ……Soft
150/60ZR17 66W Power One B ……Med Soft

160/60ZR17 69W Power One A ……Soft
160/60ZR17 69W Power One B …. ..Med Soft
160/60ZR17 69W Power One ……. ..Medium

180/55ZR17 73W Power One A ……Soft
180/55ZR17 73W Power One B …. ..Med Soft
180/55ZR17 73W Power One …. …..Medium

190/50 ZR17 75W Power One ……… Medium

190/55ZR17 75W Power One A ……..Soft
190/55ZR17 75W Power One B …. ….Med Soft
190/55ZR17 75W Power One C …. Medium
ower One 17” Competition Slicks
New construction/Rubber

12/60-17 Power One S1246A Medium Soft
12/60-17 Power One S1270A Medium
12/60-17 Power One Rain Soft

18/67-17 Power One S1847C Med Soft

19/69-17 Power One S1910 Soft
19/69-17 Power One S1920 Med Soft
19/69-17 Power One S1930 Medium

Power One 16.5 Competition Slicks
12/60-420 Power One A Soft
12/60-420 Power One B Med Soft
12/60-420 Power One Rain Soft

19/69-420 Power One A Soft
19/69-420 Power One B Med Soft
19/69-420 Power One C Medium
19/69-420 Power One Rain

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So no follow up post? Who has used these? Who thinks they're worthwhile?

Seems like Bridgestone travels with my track day organization, so I either have to buy before I go, or prepare to test out some Bridgestones. I'm feeling really tempted to try out a set of One's, but I'd like some experienced feedback first.
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