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Hi, I've been brosing this forum for a while, and I think its time I register and introduce myself. First of all I'm a young and new rider, got my liscence in october 2008. I had the chance to find the love of my life. Here she is:

Here is a list of the mods (previous owner did them):

- Gel seat
- Solo seat cover
- Frame sliders
- Gel hand grips
- Bar-End Weights
- Rim stickers
- Black part under the seat painted to match the bike ( had no idea how to name this mod)
- Undertail with LEDs
- LED front blinkers
- Wheel hugger (fender)
- Belly pan
- Radiator grill
-Led flash controler
- K&N air filter
- Slip-on leovince high mount
- Idle TPS tuned
- timing retard eliminator

I did not have the chance to ride that much yet since I only got my liscence at the end of the season, but after the stupid winter tire law ends (15 march) I'll start my first full season, I can't wait. I had so much fun so far.

p.s. sorry for mistakes, I'm french.
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