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Hello all, Im new to posting on here but Ive been using the site for some time now. I have alwaysed been able to find eveything thru seaching but this has proven to be hard to find. Im looking to fair my '02 SV650 on a budget I would like to use an 03+ front but I dont know what fairing stay I should buy (1st gen or 2nd). Also if it is hard to fit the 2nd gen front? I already have clip-ons and a bellypan so I think I only need the Front fairing, Headlight and Fairing stay. As I said, I'm on a really tight budget and will be selling my Nintendo Wii on Ebay to clear the cash, so if anyone might have a better idea to get front plastics on the cheap, Im open to them. ThanX in advance chaps, cheers.
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