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Hey guys, I am new here and thought I should say hello. My name is Scott, and I'm just getting into this whole 2 wheeled madness. I've been a car nut for my whole life and always thought motorcycles were cool just never really got into them.

Recently, one of my best friends took MSF and got a bike that he is now obsessed with. He decided to teach me how to ride it in a parking lot, and now I am signed up for a MSF course as well on the first weekend in April. I am really excited about taking that and getting my M-class license.

The previous weekend will be spent at Summit Point working on my SCCA competition license so I can finally race wheel to wheel. I am currently hoping to buy a SV650 or something similar for my first bike so that is why I am on here.

Alright, so that is my short story. Thanks for reading.
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