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the never ending problems never end

i need to get a new fork seal for my left fork, as its leaking oil, so i might as well do both forks.

So my question for everyone is, how difficult is this task, say compared to a valve check or adjustment, which ive done in the past

i dont have a torque wrench myself, but i can easily borrow one

also, aside from new seals, and new oil, what other parts would I need, and which weight is recommended?

I am not interesting in changing springs, or putting on gsxr suspension, just replacing the necessary parks


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I just finished doing two sets of forks a couple of weeks ago. In hindsight it wasn't that difficult, but there were times I was pretty frustrated.

You are going to need some other tools in addition to a torque wrench. See this link for more information.

An impact wrench is not strictly necessary, but a cheater bar is. The biggest tip I can give you is to loosen the bolt at the bottom of the fork before taking apart the forks. See this thread for details on that potential nightmare...

At a minimum I would replace the oil seals. The dust seals are optional.

Part numbers from

Oil Seal: 51153-14F00
Dust Seal: 51173-14F00

I hear a lot of folks that keep the stock springs go with 15wt shock oil. I have a set of heavier springs so I went with 20wt.

Good Luck!
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