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New bigger rider

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I have decided to purchase a '09 SV 650SF. This will be my first bike. I have tried to do as much research as I could over the last 8 months and decided that this bike was my best choice. I was wondering what the more seasoned riders thought about adapdting the bike better to my size for comfort, functionality, and safety from stock. I am 24 , 6'5, and 260 lbs. I was thinking along the lines of springs, handlebars , seat etc. Thank you all for your advice!
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Since you are buying an SF, the riding position is set more aggressively as compared to a naked or a new gladius. If you are looking for a more upright then you can convert the clip-ons to bars. You will then most likely have to change the brake lines as they may not reach the new position. At that point, you might as well upgrade to steel braided lines (it will improve breaking). There are many ways to convert it but you should be able to find all the information on these boards. You will definitely need to upgrade the stock suspension. Sure you could get by but it will feel spongy w/ your weight. Springs, oil and a used gsxr rear shock are the most economical upgrades. If you are mechanically inclined and have the equipment then you can do the work yourself and save some money. If not, the cost of the upgrades and installation by a dealer will run you somewhere near $500. You can get the gel seat and i think it raises the riding position a little bit but not much.

So much more can be done but that should get you started. It really just depends how much $$ you want to spend.
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Not wanting to spend that much right off the bat, I'm already spending what I can on the bike/service plan/armor
I have an 08 and weigh about 185-190 and I am in the process of replacing the suspension. Ride the bike first and go from there.
Ride the bike first and go from there.

The suspension is to soft for your weight. You can better learn to ride first and than do some suspension upgrades like other spring and oil when you feel that it's to soft for your riding style.
Service plan? o_O FWIW, my advice is to save the money. It has a warranty already and any information you may ever need for servicing is available on this board.

I'm 26, 6'4" 250lbs and commute on mine. I've been running woodcraft clipons for ages and love them for corner carving, but on longer non-aggressive rides leave me feeling cramped. I'm switching back to a handlebar for 2 reasons. 1, comfort. And B, visibility and control in traffic.

The front suspension is a great place to start. Stock, you'll notice a significant amount of fork dive under braking. Springs and oil will be an improvement, but without emulators (or revalving your current ones) will be a bit springy at your/our weight. A ZX14 or busa shock will firm up the back end better than any of the gsxr/zx6r shocks, but still be a space filler til a penske sport shock(sprung for you) can go on.

As suggested above, ride it a bit and see what YOU think should be adjusted, modified, or improved before changing things.

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Just ride the bike, it will handle you just fine especially since your new to it and wont be taking the bike anywhere near its limits anyway.

Personaly, i would buy either an 07 or 08 used for a lot less money...that way you could upgrade the suspension quicker once you decide you need to.

Also, MSF class yet? Take it befoer you buy the bike please...
Just ride the bike, it will handle you just fine especially since your new to it and wont be taking the bike anywhere near its limits anyway.

I'm with this thought but you are pretty tall and probably have long arms. The reach won't be as bad for you compared to the semi vertically challenged like myself. I think after a couple rides you will see it isn't to bad for the tall.
Yes I took the MSF Class, will try to find a used one, I don't wanna get hosed at the dealer. Service plan not a good idea? I am mechanically inclined , just more so on F-16 jets (Air Force crew chief) , a little on cars, but no clue on bikes
An engine is an engine...a chain is a chain...whether its on 4 wheels or 2 its basically the same thing.

Change the oil, check the valves, keep the chain lubed and properly tightend, etc...keep up on scheduled maintenance as layed out in the book(none of it is really that advanced) and it will last a long time.

If you can read a manual and do what it says, you are gold. Which i am sure you can if you are working on F16's
Anyone in the vegas area that could have dealer advice?
If your a crew chief you should have no problem working on your own bike, and the stock suspension will be fine for a while, I'm 6'3" 255 and rode on it for almost 3 years without a problem. Pick up a factory service manual for the bike its pretty easy to read and follow probably easier then the General Dynamics Maintenance Manual for the F16.
Just curious? Are you dead set on buying new? Why not just try to find a higher end used bike for around the same price as a new SV and not have to deal with all the ad ons, upgrades,ect because it will already have good suspension ect, you may find one that has more room too.
Im 5'6 and 150 lbs and doing the suspension improved the ride for me, I'd say thats the first place you should spend.
I'm 6'2" 245 just got a 06 naked and for what I've been doing around town it's ok for now, I have experienced the nose dive under braking. I'm sure when I start doing the curves, and get more comfortable pushing the bike I will upgrade the springs and shocks.
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