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Need more riders

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Ive already posted in the regional section but maybe some dont check. Any one that would like to ride in the north Ga mountains this sat or sun lets get together.
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I would but I'd be beat after the ride up there.
I am about 140 miles from Gainesville. I wouldn't mind riding over for a ride one day, but the new tires for my bike haven't been mounted yet, and no riding for me until that gets done. Hopefully that will happen this weekend or next.


Well that sucks if anyone is far away they can stay at my place if needed. My house is about 15 miles from the mountains. May be can set up somthing later.
Since when did GA get "mountains"?

Just ride man.
Why did you bother to post Tarpoon it served no purpose except to show your @ss. And yes Ga has mountain roads.
Probably better to post here:
SAT or SUN I am up for SUN and I am also going today after work
Me and a couple of friends are going to ride both days just let me know.

Why did you bother to post Tarpoon it served no purpose except to show your @ss. And yes Ga has mountain roads.
Ahhhhh did I upset your precious little thread?
Not really just wonder why some are dicks on the internet for no reason.
hey man i am in athens and i was thinking about heading up 129 tomorrow to hit the 180 / 60 loop. let me know if yall are still planning to meet up and where.
Yea we are meeting at moto 400 in dawsonsonville at 10 you in.
yea should be. gotta clear it with the old lady but will most likely see you guys in the morning.
:vroom::fiddy:We got so far about 10 riders for Sunday.

Se yall there, other riders are welcome.

Here are a few pics from our ride today . We had 8 SVs show up for the ride through the north ga mountains. Weather was good for the most part although it was a little chilly to start the day. The roads were in good shape other than a few spots that were a little sketchy. I ended up putting a little over 200 miles on the bike today. Hope everybody made it home safe. I dont know about you guys but im beat......

It was great to meet some folks from the board. Looking forward to doing it again soon.

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Great pics men, thank's alot.

Promazda had a bad hair day!!!!
man i wish savannah wasnt a good 5 hours away from the mountains :/ looks like a nice area. making me regret moving out of vermont for ohio even more. (and of course the wonderful coastal plains of the savannah area, with not a corner to be found.)

btw, lowers are nice for colder weather :p
I'm really happy to hear there are lots of roads and people to ride with in the area. GF and I currently plan on settling down north of ATL in Stone mountain or around there. :)
Yea just a little (bad hair) thats why a brought a hat I just did not have it on.
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