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Hi all,
I've been here a while but am new to asking and replying so here goes.
Just bought my second SV after having the first totaled, the one I now have is a yellow sv650s with double bubble screen, a HUGE slip on, and a rear hugger. Other than that it's all standard.

I have quite a few ideas for mods, but need a few suggestions and tips on a couple, mainly recommending products.

The List:
  • So the tank has a dent, may be removable/fillable, then need re-spraying as has a few scratches.
  • The Rear hugger is a faded yellow colour, so will probably spray black.
  • The slip on is ghastly and already scratched, want to replace with a nice stubby, preferably carbon fiber, any ideas?
  • I feel it needs a belly pan, so if anyone has one (especially a yellow one), or knows where's best to get one (painted or unpainted) please let me know.
  • I want to go naked with this one, the same as I did with my last, so Headlight ideas. I quite like the Buell dual headlights from the XB12s, with the fly shield.
  • I will be doing a tail tidy, wondering whether to make one again from aluminum, or to buy one of the plastic ready made undertrays, any ideas?

Please comment if you have any better ideas for what I've said, or if you've any experience with them.
Any other ideas for mods, please do tell.

Thanks in advance.

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A flat sheet would get hit by the hugger too easily.

What brand pipe is that? What material? I might be interested.
Thanks for the reply. I will have to check the clearance if/when making a tail tidy.

And the pipe, I saw the bike yesterday, I believe it's carbon kevlar, but I'm unsure on the brand. I will find out when the bike is delivered tomorrow.
However, the badge on the pipe has been sanded down as the pipe has been down the road, and the badge was apparently very scratched. The rest of the pipe appeared okay though.
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