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need ideas

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Im looking for some ideas to help me re style my bike. i put the full fairing kit on and im about to make it all match nicely and prime it up. but I think i may also restyle the bike back to its naked look for the summer months. im undecided but looking for ideas as i will be front fork swaping as well(my stock forks are SHOT(16K on them)
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why not rebuild the stockers?
got any pics we can work from? I don't personally have photoshop, but I'm sure there are others here that would gladly sketch up some ideas.
yeah got a few pics....
<here is the stock look
<and here it is with the fairing kit(and no thats not paint)

im not sure if I want to go fully naked or keep the street look. as I like both sides of that "fence" so any ideas I can get would be a great help.
(and im fiending for some nice weather to get her out and stretch her legs again!!!
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Just give the bike to me.
I have the same exact SV. Year/color. I am so caught up in the same dillema I was so gung ho about getting the full fairing for my SVS but Sometimes I look at it and say you stand out and I like that people see the V-twin, and don't assume it's a Inline-4. Then Other times I look at my bike and say I am totally going and ordering the full fairing. But hey yours looks good either way, and The way I look at it is i enjoy riding either way, So i decided to scrap the $469.99 fairing and keep mine the way it is cosmetically.
Just give the bike to me.
we will see. i think im gonna end up fixing the body work, rebuild the forks and then give it a freash coat of paint...tho that might be rattle can but it will be tasteful rattle can, at least untill I can afford a real paintjob lol
all depends when I ship out this summer with the Air Force
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