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Hi Everybody-

It's been a lonnnng time since I have posted here, I wish it was under better circumstances! My 2002 SV was stolen last week, and thankfully, recovered by the police a couple days ago. The thieving bastards decided it would be a good idea to *drill* out the ignition, thus destroying not only the ignition, but the triple tree and bars. After recovering the bike, I was able to turn the lights on with a screwdriver so the insurance adjuster could read the milage, but I could not start it. What I need to know is... Is there a built in anti-theft device that will prevent starting in a situation like this? I am guessing so, or else I dont think i would have my bike back. My main concern is that my insurance claim is coming soon, and I am wondering if just replacing the ignition will fix this, or if I have another problem. If it is another problem, I need to make sure my claim will compensate me for it. I would like to make this a track bike and use my insurance check to buy a new street bike, so I would like to "fix" this as cheap as possible.

And since I dont to help any lurking would-be thieves, I would appreciate replies via PM. On the other hand, if I were reading this, I would be skeptical that this post is completely legit so I will be happy to provide enough of a scan of my title and vin to prove I am the rightful owner and not the frustrated thief. Thanks in advance!


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There's a resistor built into the ignition system. Not going to say where it's located, or what its value is, but it acts as an anti-hotwire device.

I'd think your insurer would want you to take your bike to a dealership (or at least a shop) to determine the extent of the damage (so they can figure out what it's going to cost ot fix, and determine if it's a writeoff). The shop should be able to let you know whether a new switch wil fix your starting problem, or if it's more involved.

HTH (you and not any thieves)

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