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Need Help - Bike wont start after being layed down

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Hi, New poster on the boards, been reading for the last month and now i could use some help.

Background on problem:
a week or so ago i was on my way home, an suv coming towards me turned left in front of me and cut me off. I had to slam on the brakes and veer to my left as hard as i could to avoid becoming part of its door, and while doing so i was forced to lay the bike on its side. No Major visible damage was done to me or the bike. broken shift pedal, bent handlebar, and a few dents and scratches on the tank and rear fairing. not to hard to fix, as i have already started. but since i put it on its side and put it on the back of a truck to bring it home, i have not gotten it to start again. i can get it into neutral and can click the starter, but nothing. it tries, but sounds like something is jammed or out of place. you can hear the starter try and turn it, but the engine wont turn. also it is hard to get it to shift into other gears, noticed this when trying to make sure it was in neutral. I am writing to try and see if anyone had any suggestions as to where to look first before i start tearing into things. i have never been into the sv engine, but am very handy, have a maintenance manual, and would like to see if i can do it my self before going to the dealer. i just could use some advice as to where to start.

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Very simple... I've been through this several times...

Pull the spark plugs and try to crank it. If it doesn't crank over then push it around in gear to get the engine to roll over, this is to get any fuel out of the engine and un-flood it thus releiving hydro-lock.
Now put the plugs back in. If the starter doesn't crank over then you likely busted the clutch safety switch and you should bypass it with a paperclip. The clutch switch is a common problem after falls.

Hard shifting with the engine not running is standard for all motorcycles.
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