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need a ballpark service estimate (parts+labor)

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Hi, I'm trying to get my SV up & running. Need the following done:

1. Weak battery, doesn't start (I have ordered a schumacher 1amp trickle charger for 12volt battery online, hoping that should recharge it)
2. Oil change
3. Drain fuel + seafoam/techron treatment
4. Clean & lube chain (I can see some rust on it)
5. Fresh brake fluid (not sure if I really need this?)
6. Coolant (not sure if I really need this?)

Would really appreciate if any of you could roughly tell me how much I would need to spend.
Just to be a little informed and not ripped off. Little strapped for cash.
Thanks in advance.
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Do it yourself for under 100 bucks.
...and besides the battery charging you could do it all in under a couple of hours i bet.

diy ftw!
Do it yourself for under 100 bucks.

That's all easy stuff you should know how to do anyway. After reading your other post I suspect you need a new battery though.
how do you find out if yourself if what you need is a new battery or just more charging?
You can test the voltage with a DVOM (digital voltage ohm meter) or if it hasn't taken a charge in 24 hours on a charger. It is done.
Thanks guys...
can you please advise on 3 & 4.

What do I need to siphon old gas...
where do I buy the seafoam treatment?
And what do you use to get rust off of the chain and lube it?

(sorry newbie to motorcyle DIY)
Seafoam is at any auto parts store, usually $6 a can. I put one through my car every spring.
there are some good chain maintenance threads on here but the general consensus you will find is clean with kerosene or lamp oil and then lube with any o-ring safe application specific lube. i use repsol chain lube but most of the folks on here are partial to the teflon stuff you can get at the hardware store, can't recall who makes it but i'm sure someone will speak up....

pulling your tank off and draining the old gas is not to difficult, make sure you download a copy of the maintenance manual ( has it for free i think). with that you can completely disassemble and rebuild your bike from the ground up if you wish.

dupont teflon lube!
that's the stuff.
Thanks guys...
can you please advise on 3 & 4.

What do I need to siphon old gas...
where do I buy the seafoam treatment?
And what do you use to get rust off of the chain and lube it?

(sorry newbie to motorcyle DIY)
Too bad you're too far away. I could do everything on your list for 100 bucks (except replace with a new battery if thats what it turns out to be). Considering moto shops are charging in the ballpark of 90 bucks per labor hour you are most definitely better off taking a crack at it even if you EFF it up.
From when I worked at a service shop yes they do screw you like this:

1. Weak battery, doesn't start: Recommend new battery $140 installed.
2. Oil change: $45 labor + $35 parts + $5 environmental charge = $85
3. Drain fuel + treatment: $40 labor + $10 parts + $5 environmental charge = $55
4. Clean & lube chain: $50
5. Fresh brake fluid: $80 Labor + $10 parts + $5 environmental charge = $95
6. Coolant: $80 Labor + $25 parts + $5 environmental charge = $110

Grand total: $535 and that's before I recommend:

Replacing tires: Sky is the limit on price, generally $450
Replacing fuel lines: Give or take $100

So you'd be looking at $1085 total (if you decide to do everything).
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where are you located?

Chain maintenace,
1. lift rear of bike on jack stands or a rear stand.
2. put in neutral
3. take kerosene or Gunk engine degreaser (bought at Autozone or Walmart)
4. Spray while rotating chain
5. use a wire brush on the sides of the chain and a nylon brush on orings
6. rotate the tire. and proceed

Wipe clean and apply -

Maxim Chain Wax
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After saying all that I have above, I wouldn't even do #5 or #6. On #4, like yashuone said, pull your tank off and drain from the bottom. With the seafoam, remember to use the amount that they suggest, I think it's 1 tbsp per gallon, and remember that it is not a miracle cure.
It's an '07--fuel injected. Why use the seafoam? I bet you will charge the battery and it will start right up. However, I wouldrecommend changing out the old gas. Everything else you list is pretty straight forward --Don't forget to check the tire pressure. what color is the brake fluid? If it's not pretty close to clear, change it. Bleeding brakes is always easier with a buddy. Coolant should be fine until next season (since you have a 2007) however you can change it to stay on the safe side. Be sure not to add too much oil when you do your oil change (2700-2800 ml if you change the filter, which you should). Get a PDF version of the manual ASAP.
jeff721 thanks much for the heads up on the costs...i really cannot afford that much...not if i got to pay my rent & tuition

i'm hunting for the haynes manual to do 1-4 myself & skip 5-6 like you said.

buzzmanrm i live near wilmington, delaware...thanks for the steps on chain maintenance...unfortunately i dont have the rear stand just the side stand...and i got a car jack...will that work to lift the rear of SV?
You don't need a rear stand to clean/lube the chain, it just makes it easier. If you have to use the side stand just do a section at a time and then roll the bike forward a few feet.
i live near wilmington, delaware...
Got a way to get it to MD? Check in on the "Official Maryland Thread" under the regional forums if you can and we'll gladly help out/show you the ropes.
jeff thanks very much for the offer, you are like 2 1/2 hrs away...i dont have a truck or a trailer...had to rent while buying the bike...cant do it again...

moreover i guess i need to learn sometime...might as well try it now...hoping i can manage with help from this forum and some manuals...

like mudturtle said ... if i f* it up i can take it to a mechanic then...
don't bother with the haines, here is the complete service manual... for free.
yashuone thanks for saving me 30 bucks...the link is blocked from my school...i will try to access it later from home...
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