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I've been lurking here for some weeks. Last Aug. I got a 2005 SV650S with 500 miles on it that was hitting on the front cylinder only. Tech found a timing chain off the cam and the extra bolt in the case that caused it. $400.00 later I had a perfect bike!
Anyway, I live in Western NC close to the BRP, the Dragon and lots of excellent National Parks and scenic byways. It's a beautiful place to ride. Two weeks ago I was riding back from Asheville toward Chimney Rock and my $10.00 worth of attention got used up in a millisecond by a car that pulled out in front of me. Too much brake combined with trying to swerve at the same time slammed me down hard on the left side. The bike crushed my left ankle and my right glove was caught in the front brake, dislocating my right thumb. Sliding down the road on my back I remember being thankful for being conscious and for the gear that saved me from almost any road rash. Bystanders assisted me and I got to have a vacation in the hospital where I had the ankle pinned and plated and the thumb relocated and immobilized.
So now I've got 8 weeks to sit around and fix the bike... while being thankful to be alive!
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