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National cycles windshield

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Well, I can't sit still lol
I decided to try a different look. Went with the national cycles street shield. Looks great! I really get a classic vibe from it. Not quite retro like the old headlight fairing but more orthodox. Quality of the shield is superb and the mounting kit is pretty good. It didn't help as much as I thought it would when riding normally. I might need to adjust the angle on it to get it right but it does take all the wind off my chest and at full tuck I'm in a bubble.

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@Blue on two wheels

Looking good! What gen bike is this? I tried putting on this shield on my 2023 gen 3 and for the life of me I couldn't get it to fit.
  1. On the right side, the brake fluid reservoir was in the way.
  2. The brackets wouldn't go all the way around the handlebar. Not shaped well?
  3. It was really hard tightening the nuts from down below because some metal part or the other would be in the way.
How did you manage this feat?!

Any chance you can post pics of the positioning of telescopic handles on the handlebars? Also, the positioning of the pipe clamps on the forks. Appreciate it.
I did have to use some brackets I already had from a previous windshield off of one of my cruisers but they're basic clamps that go on the forks.
I thought the brackets were very specific to this product. A picture of what you used would be great.

The trick for this bike was to install the two smaller rods that are supposed to go on the bottom of the shield actually used on top and the longer rods for the top on the bottom.
That's weird. I remember all the rods being identical in length. Their installation instructions show them all as a single item.

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Yeah no prob il post up some pics as soon as I can.
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Interesting 🤔, I got one set for the top and set for the bottom. Both with different style of brackets. The ones for the handlebars and the bullet looking plastic ones.
Well, the rods themselves were identical. But yes, the brackets that go on the handlebar were plastic, with a metal thread insert. And the brackets that go on the forks were a plastic piece threaded through a pipe clamp.

See attached instructions.

I'm wondering if it's the same part number on our shields.


The top rods are supposed to be on the bottom and the bottom are supposed to be on top they both are different in about half the size. I didn't really want to use the hose clamps that they provided I had pork brackets that were for another windshield and I fitted the hardware that came with the kit on to those. Basically the four mounting points consist of the forks and my top clip-ons that's it. I've done over 130 miles per hour and it hasn't moved a bit.
Nicely done. I gave up on it :) Maybe I'll give it another try.
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Basically the four mounting points consist of the forks and my top clip-ons that's it.
Oh, damn :) Just noticed you have clip-ons in the pics! That changes everything. I was struggling with the stock handlebars, and I just couldn't get the brackets to fit and tighten from the bottom (because the handlebars structure would be in the way).
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@Blue on two wheels

I see it now. You must've got the U-Clamp mount version N25000. Mine was quick-set version N25010. I can see on their site that yours has different length of rods. Maybe I should try the U-Clamp version myself.
@Blue on two wheels

Yeah - that definitely looks like an install that might work for me. There is a single nut to tighten at the bottom. The Quick-set version had two allen nuts that were impossible to get to (for me, at least). And the brackets themselves were not a good fit.

I think I'll give it another try. Thanks for all the help!
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I couldn't ride my SV without my similar PUIG universal WS. They do an amazing job of keeping the wind off @ Highway speeds and reducing body buffering :)
I looked it up and that's a pretty small shield. Unless I am looking at a wrong one. Is a small shield like that as effective as you say it is? Do you think you can post a link to the exact one that you use?
Yeah il post the link

Its not gonna block all the wind. But my head sits a lot lower than stock and works for me. It does help but a bigger windshield would be better in terms of wind deflection.
Sorry - that was meant for @Straticus :) I know what you have. He had mentioned a Puig he was happy with. I wanted to check that out too.
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It's the same as these PUIG copies
Is a small shield like that as effective as you say it is?
@Blue on two wheels

Got the U-Clamp version today, and it went on without any trouble. In fact, the rods went where they were supposed to (longer ones on the top). As a result, the shield stands up pretty vertical (as it is supposed to, I think). Pretty happy so far - mostly just admiring it in the garage as for now :) Have a long trip later today, so I'll get to test it out.

I had given up on installing a shield. The conversation with you steered me to the U-Clamp version, which worked. So thanks for that!
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Let me know what you think on the highway. I'm curious to know your thoughts on how effective it is.
I tried it yesterday, and I am sending it back :) Not too effective for me. In fact, a lot of wind buffeting, to the point of disconcerting instability. Now, it could be just weird weather conditions yesterday, but I got the feeling it was the shield. I've already tried the MR racing windshield. Out of options now. Maybe I'll just stay naked ;).

Oh - I found out that the stupid thing messed up the handlebar paint (or whatever it is). But I suppose the bike should have some battle scars anyway.
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