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National cycles windshield

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Well, I can't sit still lol
I decided to try a different look. Went with the national cycles street shield. Looks great! I really get a classic vibe from it. Not quite retro like the old headlight fairing but more orthodox. Quality of the shield is superb and the mounting kit is pretty good. It didn't help as much as I thought it would when riding normally. I might need to adjust the angle on it to get it right but it does take all the wind off my chest and at full tuck I'm in a bubble.

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Looks good . I couldn't ride my SV without my similar PUIG universal WS. They do an amazing job of keeping the wind off @ Highway speeds and reducing body buffering :)
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I looked it up and that's a pretty small shield. Unless I am looking at a wrong one. Is a small shield like that as effective as you say it is? Do you think you can post a link to the exact one that you use?
It's the same as these PUIG copies,

AliExpress Small Windshield

Here in the UK they are available on UK eBay but doesn't seem so over there hence the AliExpress link.

Total cost around 30 beer tokens :)

Here's a short video of it,

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Is a small shield like that as effective as you say it is?
I've found it so. The trick is to set the angle so the wind hits the top of you Helmet. Then if it's really windy just duck down a little.

In these videos you'll see how little the cheap camera I use shakes and how little the Wing mirrors move/vibrate when they come into shot,

There's a 50 MPH limit on my local bridge but it gets faster later on,

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