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I've seen a couple other threads and comments about the nates plates and install upside down to get a little more leg room. Here is my experience on my 2007 SV650:

1. Get box in mail, get excited
2. take off stock rearset
3. Install new clutch side adaptor plate upside down
4. re-install rearset, and clutch extender.

4. Go to brake side, take off rearset
5. Remove bracket from sub-frame (near the rear master cylinder) to top-rear of rearset so it's not ugly, you can't use it any more
6. install adaptor plate upside down
7. spend an hour trying to figure out how to get stock rearset to fit
8. cut a big notch out of the bracket for the spring holder on the back of the factory plate.
9. drill another hole in the new adaptor plate so I can mount the brake rearset assembly at an angle so it will clear my exhaust. (I have aftermarket, but i highly doubt this would have cleared stock either)

10. put it all together and be happy that it will probably actually work!

Brake side bracket doesn't really work right. the nates plate fits, but you have to modify it heavily (but fairly easily) to make the brake set fit and clear the exhaust. The brake lever is a little too low, but if i raise it higher, the back end will no longer clear the exhaust. Its not scary or uncomfortable to use the rear brake this way, just have to reach a little further down. I may look into adding a 3/4 or 1 inch rubber bad on the top of the metal lever, this would effectively raise the brake pedal without moving the lever and causing clearance issues with the exhaust.

The kickstand nub/handle thing was significantly in the way of the gear lever. I adjusted my gear lever up higher slightly higher than "stock" angle, resolved this. I also whacked the kickstand nub a couple times with a handle for a little more clearance between that and the pivot point of the lever. If you want, it wouldn't be hard to grind the nub off completely , and wouldn't effect the operation of the kickstand. For now, i'm happy with it. If you had bigger feet or thicker boots, you might have to cut it off. there's not a lot of clearance between the gear shift and the kickstand nub, but there is enough for me.

Overall, certainly worth the $29.95 i paid, even with the hassle of modifying brackets. With the genmar risers i installed at the same time, bike feels way more comfy!
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