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I've searched for a few days now about this and the only bike I've seen with them on it was in variable9's build. He doesn't really show how he got them to fit though. I have a 2003 s and it seems that the "side" fairing stay is rubbing or in the way. V9 had an 05 and I'm not sure if that makes a huge difference or not.

Hopefully someone here has some input because I'm out of ideas. I would pm him but iirc his las log in was like 4/22. But!! If you do happen to see this v9 please shoot me a pm!

Thanks a lot guys in advance
My setup was a little different because my (2006) is originally an N, so the radiator is slightly different. Shouldn't really affect ability to mount the shrouds except maybe the S's extended radiator filler neck? Iirc I already had the shrouds on and mocked up the S upper, seemed like it would work so just started bolting things up. Hope this helps.
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