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My latest injury

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Several of you noticed my fingers being bandaged in the pics from the Cleveland motorcycle show. Well, here's why.

Left index finger

Left middle finger


The ring finger got the left side of the tip ground off too. That's why it got just a bandage and no stitiches.
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^^ what Joe said...

Nice. That had to hurt.
Trying to get the gerbil out?
Pointed it at someone and it went off?
Extreme Bowling accident?
Competitive eating disaster.
Something related to propane or propane accessories?
That reminds me. Time for my new avatar.

band saw accident?
Army Girl likes to bite??
I'm with shaun, he said "Ground off", i'm bettin' power tool.

Obviously Aaron has healed up since I got this text today, "First wheelie of the year , WOO HOO!"

Kickback from tablesaw or router?
That's what I was thinking. Though I once suffered a fairly similar injury by being careless on a belt sander.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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