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It was hot.
It was very uncomfortable.
It was loud and crowded.
But it was awesome.
Because it was my dream to be at MotoGP since I was a kid.
My lifetime dream came true.

When I was in my early 20's, I had a friend in NYC.
He would send me motorcycle magazines from the US.
Back in Korea, we had no resources to professional level road racing.
I would flip dictionary to find out who won last MotoGP.
Kevin Schwartz, Wayne Rainy, Mic Doohan, all those GP racers were my heroes.
Then, I never thought there would be a day for me to see a GP race.

Flying out to North California was hell.
I was flying with a buddy pass which puts me on stand by list.
I went over to Intercontinental airport 8AM on Wednesday, got bumped 7 times that day. I was staying at the airport 8AM to 9:30PM.
I had to go home and come back next morning.

Next day wasn't any better.
Long weekend and hot weather in Houston really encouraged people to go on their vacation to California.(especially Northern California)
I got bumped from S.F. again.
Tried out Bakersfield followed by an employee's advice.(she said I SHOULD make this flight out in the middle of nowhere)
Bumped again for the 9th time.
By then, I've already been at the airport for 16 hours.

End up meeting a girl who was delivering her boyfriends suit for his viewing and funeral.(he died few days before) She was a stand by passenger as well.
I was trying to help her out to get to Bakersfield.
She was too scared to drive in CA, so I offered her a ride.
We booked another flight to L.A.
I was going to drive from L.A. to S.F. via Bakersfield to drop her off.
My luggage made out to S.F. so I had to go pick it up.
Turned out her boyfriend's dad bought her round trip ticket that guaranteed her trip to Bakersfield.

Here I am, all of a sudden flying to L.A. all by myself for no reason.
At this point, I just wanted to get the hell out.
Arrived in L.A. ran into somebody I know, had dinner at a Korean restaurant, started driving toward S.F. at 5PM.

Got to S.F. 12:30AM.
Picked up the bag.
Met my friends around 1AM.
Went to bed about 3AM.

Woke up at 7AM.
Head down to Monterey around 8AM.
Finally after two and a half days later, I was at Laguna Seca.

Met up some friends from SoCal.
They took me over to the track on their back seat.
I never ridden on a back seat that long in my life.

Laguna Seca.
My God....

First thing I head was REALLY LOUD GP BIKES tearing my ears off.
That sound and the track combined together brought my tears out.
Got goose bums all over me.
It was a total cathartic experience.
Over the weekend, it was just an unbelievable experience.
One of the greatest thing ever happened in my life.
I had everything I wanted that I couldn't ask more.

After GP, I went over to see Vincent Haskovec in San Jose.
He doesn't know me personally, but I've been writing emails to him and wishing his well.(he is a former AMA racer who got in a real bad accident during a race and got paralyzed)
I just wanted him to know there are a lot of people care about him and he's not forgotten.
He just moved into a new room for his first day of rehab.
One of Suzuki represents was there to discuss his website for his updates and contact with fans.
I didn't stay too long.
But it was really good to see him doing well and excited about his rehab.
I believe I gave him a little smile.
That was good enough reason for me to drive 3-4 hours.

I went down to Santa Monica to see some friends in L.A. and San Diego area.
Stayed there another couple of days.

On the way back home was much easier.
I flew out from Orange County and didn't get bump.

It was a great trip.
Really tiring though.
I drove up and down California twice.
I believe I drove about 2,000 miles.

Next year, I'm going to drive with my bike.
Knowing how much I drove, I guess it shouldn't be THAT bad.
At least I'll be going forward instead of sitting at the airport and wishing for luck.
Hope you enjoyed your trip to Laguna Seca or enjoyed your race at home.
I already can't wait next year to come.
You know I'll be out there again.

It's all about love.

The future


Laguna Seca





Hot pit



Beloved 1988 Hawk GT


Outside the hotel

The roads


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I'm jealous. Reminds me of my first time seeing Formula One in Montreal.

It's great you got to visit Vincent, I'm sure he appreciated it. I have a roadracing calendar that was printed before his accident, and ironically the quote he supplied for his bio was: "The only disability in life is a bad attitude."

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Awsome pics! I'm glad you had such a great time and got the chance to realise your dream.

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Thanks, guys.
I can't believe how good my life is at this moment.

Also good to be back and stay at one spot more than a day.

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Awesome (once you finally got there that is).

I saw that little kid on the pocket bike too. It was really cute.

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wow, ive never really been interested by motogp but i am interested in laguna seca. that track looks badass just like in gran turismo 2. either way, i wanna run my bike their one day.

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Nice pics, Nut. Glad you had a great time. You're a classy lady. With all your travel problems, you were still trying to help the gal with the dead boyfriend and then went to visit Vincent Haskovec after GP to cheer him up. As you say, "It's all about love." :)

lkm said:
wow, ive never really been interested by motogp but i am interested in laguna seca. that track looks badass just like in gran turismo 2. either way, i wanna run my bike their one day.
Not interested in MotoGP???!!! C'mere son, let me take your temp and see if you've got a fever!

Seriously... watch one race...

Laguna rocked... I was there too! 8)

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Niiiiice pics and sweet write up.

As usual, very 8) .
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