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New to the board although I've lurked around here from time to time. Been interested in SV's for a while and finally picked one up over the weekend. My main ride is a Ducati Monster S4R that I have been using as my daily driver and track toy. Not wanting to keep putting it in harms way I decided to pick up the SV as my play bike. Lots of guys run them at the local track and I got to ride one recently and really dug it. Pretty familiar with most of the mods people do to their's and have a good idea of what I'm going to do to mine. Just wanted some feedback from those of you who've had SV's for a while. Bike is question is a 2005 S model.

First, I'm looking into stiffer springs and an oil change to get the forks up to snuff. I was looking at Race Tech springs for starters and maybe cartridge emulators down the line. Any thing else I should look at doing...short of a full front end swap that is? What springs do you guys use? Anyone else's springs I should check out? Oil weight to use?

Second, rear shock. Aftermarket unit? GSXR swap? Which route to go?

How well do the stock Dunlop's work for track use? Switch now or wait until the stock tires need replacing before switching tires?

Who makes good frame sliders for the SV? Any brand in particular?

I also plan on doing exhaust and air flow mods later on down the line. Right now I want to get the suspension and handling sorted out. Any other mod feedback along these lines would be appreciated. What's worth the money and what isn't? What to do first and what can wait? Etc.

Thanks, MWB
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