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Well, this is my first street bike. I had a 86 Suz Intruder 700 for a number of years until the electrical crapped out on me. I bought this bike because it was what I could afford at the time.

I purchased it from a dealer with 20k miles on it for $3700 with a 2 year warranty. The first thing I discovered about it was that the stock seat was severely uncomfortable for rides longer than 30 minutes. Ouch!

For now, because of availability of pics and videos, my list of mods will be out of order. I will correct and insert things in proper order as I get access to the media I need.

One of my favorite mods was my mufflerectomy. I read a lot on this site about how to do it with a pipe and a hammer, etc, but was not comfortable with doing it that way. I did come across someone who posted how they had cut the end off and removed the guts, then put the end back on and used vice-grips to make it look stock again. Well, I tried it his way and it turned out horrible, so I just cut the end off again and welded the end cap back on.

here is a video of how it sounds....

More to come on my next day off...

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Continuation of something I started way before I was

Okay, so here's my "build" thread for my 04S that I purchased used in 08 with 20k miles on it. While I like to do cosmetic and "hard" mods to my vehicles, I tend to do ones that are more purposeful than others.

I will try to list what I've done in the order that I did them:

1) Modified the pilot seat - the first day I bought it, I rode it for 2 hours and over 100 miles and my a$$ was screaming to trash the seat!
2) Heated gloves connection mounted behind pilot seat, controlled by digital controller mounted on left clip-on.
3) HotGrips heated grips also connected to digital controller I used for my gloves.
4) 100w amp and speakers - amp under pillion, speakers mounted to windscreen, tunes fed by mp3 player velcroed to top of triple.
5) Givi 52L topcase with brake lights mounted on Givi topcase rack.
6) Gutted exhaust can and installed KN air filter.
7) Blue LED modules mounted 2 in front and 2 in rear and 2 in engine area.
8) Integrated turn signal mirrors (no longer mounted because one side failed and I refused to spend money on more crap).
9) Reflective rim tape from TapeWorks
10) Dual hi/lo Stebel Magnum80 horns
11) LED turn signals (home made) mounted in fender and passenger pegs.
12) Lower fairings purchased used from a member here. Had to make the rear mounting brackets cuz he said they never had any.
13) NEP cc4 throttle lock
14) 3rd brake light LEDs mounted in fender
15) Front grille

At one point, I also installed a clear-lense integrated brake light, but it started to fall apart internally. I tried to fix it, but they glued the crap out of the wiring and it just broke. So I took off the clear lense and mounted it to my stock tail light and that is what I'm running now.

Stock, taken the day I bought it, after I rode it for an hour to get some sushi for lunch.

Final seating just completed this summer. This seat is a lot thinner than my other one. My other one was used on my 7hr ride to Laughlin. The passenger seat was done so I could get my wife to ride with me more.

My HotGrips and my NEP throttle lock


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3" speakers that I can hear clearly up to 70-80mph depending on how windy it is. Amp is powered through relay which is triggered by tail light. You can also see the digital controller for my heated equipment.

Givi topcase...probably one of the best investments I could have ever made. Worth every penny (and there were a

Blue LED accents at night...

Rim tape...can't believe how bright these reflect!

Dual hi/lo Stebel Magnum 80 horns...fabbed mounting bracket using 4 "L" brackets pounded flat, connected with nuts/bolts/jbweld, painted black and then mounted to my radiator mount and the motor (i think). Powered via relay.

LED turn signals mounted in fender and passenger pegs. Temporary until I get my undertail. I plan on using these hi-powered LEDs to replace the ones that come with my undertail. These are 10x brighter!

Motosliders in preparation for my "new to me" lowers...

Lowers finally mounted.

Right side fairing bracket made from starter shim purchased at O-Reilly's.

Flasher relay mod for my LEDs

Kick plate coated with Line-x sick of seeing the silver paint rubbed off.

Clear lense on stock tail.

Brake lights on topcase, stock and 10mm LEDs mounted in fender.

Front grille

My bike today...dirty, but oh

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Just thought I'd post pics of the brackets I made for my horns. I like the way it turned out because you can't see the bracket at all when the horns are mounted. I believe I used three or four L brackets pounded flat and bolted together using JB Weld as a glue. Then shaped to mate to top oil cooler bolt and lower radiator bolt, painted black and mounted horns to it. Worked out really well.


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Okay, so update...I finally got around to getting rid of my rear fender....yay! I went to a Meet N Greet for

riders in my area and met a guy with an SV and he had a nice HotBodies undertail and it got me craving that look

for my bike again.

2 weeks later, I broke out my Dremel and started cutting away. I experimented first with a partial removal,

thinking I might mount my plate on the remaining stump:

Not liking that idea, I finished cutting off the rest of the shovel. I used my Dremel with plastic cutting wheel.

when that died (switch failure I think), I used my heavy duty impact drill with a 7" fiber cutoff disk.

I then made my custom turn signals using plastic tubing from empty rolls of thermal printer paper. I used a

propane torch to heat and stretch them into the proper angle and shape and then press them flat where they mount to

the bike. I used the cutoff disk to sand the tail end into shape. I used a 1/8" drill bit by hand to put a hole

for the wires. My first lights I wanted to look like a light instead of an LED, so I set them flush with opening

and then filled with clear epoxy. The problem was the epoxy diffused the light too much and they weren't bright


Once I saw how dim they were, I trashed that idea and made new ones with the 10mm LED sticking out. I then used a

small screw to hold it centered and filled the gap around the LED with clear epoxy, thereby sealing the light on

the end:

I then drilled one hole in each signal housing for the mounting screw. I countersunk each one as well. I then dry

fit them and then wired them up using liquid electrical tape to protect solder points:

Once everything was dried, I stuck them up and tested them. Once I was sure they were straight and worked well, I

cleaned up all the rough melted plastic from my cutting on the fender and then sealed up all cracks, holes and

screws with black silicone. Pictures here do not show the silicone work...those will come later.

And here's a video of the lights working:

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A while back, I was slabbin my way down to So. Cali. when I hit a HUGE pothole in the fast lane (it was night and I just didn't see it). The impact was so severe that it almost threw me off m bike and caused my windscreen to flex with the weight of the speakers and one side cracked. I didn't realize it until 3 miles later when I saw light reflecting off the crack. I stopped at the truck stop to refuel and buy some duct tape and taped it up. Now, almost a year later, I was finally able to afford a new windscreen and bought the MRA Vario ST windscreen from Twisted Throttle. It took a month to get it (German made) and I just got it on today. It is a couple inches shorter than the ZG ST I had, so I didn't mount my speakers to it. I still may do it later, but for now, I'll see how I like riding without tunes.

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