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2004 sv650 naked

Well me and my buddy were putting the front wheel back on and the speedo got off just before we tightened the axle, so when I gave it a test run around the block the magnet got munched.

"No big deal," he tells me "I have a spare at home."

This spare is from an '06. So he comes over the next day and we install the spare speedo sensor. I take the bike for a run around the block to make sure everything is working properly. I come back and yell "LUIS! You won't believe it! I just went 80 MPH in 1st gear!"

Suffice to say it is now reading about twice as fast as it should be. Does anyone know if the '06 sensor should be working? If yes, what did we do wrong? If no, which years are compatible with '04?

Perhaps the '06 sensor can be modified in some way to suit my '04? (seems to read just over 2x normal)

I noticed that the 03/04 share the same PN, and the 05/06/07 share a separate PN. But the parts look the same to me from the pictures.. also I find fleaBay listings saying their speedo sensor will suit 03-07 (perhaps just as a spacer).

Lastly, anyone have a spare '04 sensor they want to sell me? :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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