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I had been looking around for a while to see what I wanted to do with the rear fender, either an eliminator, hotbodies or mototeck. I came across clearance on mototeck undertails for half off so I went for it...

They were out of the orange so I got the black for the '03 SV1000 which fit fine after cutting the little tab near the brake light.

Build quality is... well... lets just say I wouldn't have paid the original price for it and understand why the company is out of business now... Wires are very very thin, and the bracket it came with won't even fit normal plates without drilling holes in them.

I cut and soldered the the old turn signal connectors onto the new wires and slapped it in there with out too many problems. I decided to just use the stock bracket and have it angled down since I had heard people complaining the tire would rip the plate off with the normal bracket. The little plastic clips seem like a pretty poor solution so I may look into getting some rubber backed screws like those that came to mount the plate bracket...

Signal Speed is fast, but not fast enough for it to bother me. The two LEDs are pretty bright at night, but just adequate in daylight.

Over all I wouldn't have done it for the original $250 but not bad for $125...

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