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motosliders question!

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Hey guys, just picked up my sv the other day and decided my first addition to it will be some motosliders. My question is, should i get the frame + swingarm sliders? or should i skip the swingarm and just get the frame sliders. I havent really seen pics of where the swingarm sliders go but let me know your input
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Swingarm sliders go on the swingarm. They're used as a point to pick up the bike with a rear stand. I would suggest them. Very usefull for maintenance.
There are little threaded holes just to the front and bottom of your axle on the swingarm. 8mm fit perfectly!
They aren't all that protective. The frame sliders are what save your wallet when you drop your bike.
I would get a combo. With the swingarm sliders, using a rear stand is much more solid. You'll want to use a stand for cleaning and lubing the chain. Without the swingarm sliders, you can still use many stands, but I find the bike does not feel as secure when lifted. These sliders won't do much in an accident though.
Yeah.. if you already have rear spools on your swingarm... don't bother.... if you don't then it would probably be a good idea....

I dunno if they really protect much other than the swingarm..... I haven't seen a lot of crashes but I don't often recall seeing that damaged as often as the body, frame, rad, exhaust and front forks....

so.. anyway... if you have spools... don't bother... if you don't.... then go for it..
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