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Greetings, For anyone looking for high quality rear sets I recommend investigating SV Racing rear sets.
My wife recently low sided her 2004 SV650 at the track and we needed to replace the shifter and peg mounting plate. I researched rear sets because I have Woodcraft rear sets on my 2003 SV650 track bike. I contacted SV Racing and they recommended their adjustable rear sets for about $250. Woodcraft rear sets are going for about $450.
We are very pleased with the SV Racing rear sets. The foot peg location has four adjustments and the pedals have almost infinite adjustment. I was impressed with the quality of the CNC machining, anodizing, and overall design. Most parts seem replaceable. By outward appearance the SV Racing rear sets are of equal or higher quality than Woodcraft and have more adjustability.
Once on the track I noticed the crispness of the shifting. My wife was immediately pleased with the placement of the pegs and pedals. She also noted the positive feel of the shifts and her ease in gettering her foot both under and over the shifter.
The rear sets come fully assembled and the installation instructions are clear and succinct (do not over tighten and use blue loctite).
If you have a need for rear sets I recommend you investigate SV Racing. If racing, one could almost buy two complete sets and save one as spare for immediate trackside repair. Of course we have not crash-tested the rear sets and do not wish to.
Everyone ride safe and have fun at the track.
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