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mix match exhaust

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I have a friend parting out an 05 GSXr 600 and he has offered me the carbon fiber scorpion slip-on exhaust off of it. Will a slip-on designed for the GSXr work on my 04 SV650, with out damaging the v-twin motor? will i need some other modifications other than leak proofing the pipe??

If i am going to have to spend a bunch of $ to make it work I'd rather spend the $ on a slip-on designed for my SV.

Thanks in advance :D
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It would be nice to think that slip ons are designed with such care .... but they are not. What you ate for breakfast will likely have more effect on performance ...

The most difficult part of getting that GSX can to fit will be fabricating a mid pipe with the square connecting flange.

Good luck,
... Gregg
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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