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Please Help
Bike: 2003 sv 1000s naked
Problem: misfire/stutter when cruising at 5000 rpm. Inconsistent.
History: problem started year ago. Found that adding sea foam fuel treatment solved the problem. Added sea foam to about every other tank. Ran fine
Problem has returned
Starts easy
Idles smooth
Accelerates good ( even through 5000 rpm)
Things I have tried:
Oil change
Coolant topped off
Spark plug change
Green connector removed and hardwired.
Tank removed, drained (was very clean) refilled with ethanol free gas.
Bike ran awesome for two short rides.
Problem returned
Ran with gas cap open to check venting.
Ran short trip without air filter to check if was clogged.
Checked dealer code. 00 no issues.
I am slowly learning how to work on my bike. I am just at a loss now.
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