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mirror mods... bar ends or extenders?

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Thinking about improving my SV650 S elbow vision with something a little more useful. Thinking of getting either the 1" extender blocks for the stock mirrors, or bar end mirrors. I'm not too crazy about looking all the way down to the bars to see behind me. Leaning towards the block extenders. Thoughts?
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i have the bar end type and like them alot good vis untel i bud hard cases on.
1 for bar end
I have no experience w/ the 1" extender blocks, but I have the MoTrax bar end mirrors from CycleGear, which is on sale BTW!!

Since you have the SV-s, aren't they wide enough to see around your elbow already? Wait... obviously not since you're asking.

Anyhow, again, since you have the SV-s, I figure your foward-lean on the bike is more significant than the SV-n, so, what you could do with bar ends is tilt your head ever-so-slightly down and then use your eyes to look down the road. Then, every so often, you use your eyes to glace over-and-down towards your bar ends.

What I was going to do before I got my bar ends was get some wedge-style blind spot mirrors, like these. The circular models look too "off-ish" for the lack of a better adjective, but you can find these almost at any auto parts store. You could stick those puppies on and that should widen your view around your elbow and to the lane beside you. Of course, prior to peeling/exposing the sticky-side, test it out and make sure it works out for you. They shouldn't cost more than $3-4 for both.
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For the S, I think Bar-end's would look a bit odd. I had an s and used the extenders and they made a very noticeable difference. But I recommend that you get creative and try to build a set yourself. They really aren't worth what you pay for them.
bar ends are nice, good overall view, but smaller/ less detail. (more difficult to distinguish police vehicles ;D ) also, having to lower your head to check em kinda sucks. even if it is just a tiny nod.

i think the larger bar end stalk type would probably be the best, but i dont dig the look.
I like my Napolean knock-offs:

Cheap & effective. Mirror size is almost as big as OEM, very adjustable, good rearward view. As far as the 'looking down' comments, it doesn't bother me. Of course, I don't have clipons either. :)
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I have a set of the Motech wideners, brand new, if you're interested.

I ordered them by accident (needed the ones for the unfaired SV), and TwistedThrottle doens't have a great return policy. PM me an offer if you're interested.
I really dislike bar end mirrors, I am in the minority I know. I have had two types, the knock off's that Trambo has and the 3rd Eye Bicycle mirrors. I still couldn't see past my elbows/shoulders with either and I don't like looking down to see behind me.

I have some cheapo JC Whitney mirrors. They are taller than stock and work well.
I love my bar ends for lane splitting. Because the mirrors are at the same level as my hands, it's easier for me to tell if my mirrors are going to collide with car mirrors.
I have the bar end mirrors on my S model. They do require a little bit of an adjustment as far as the head tilting goes. They provide a great view, but, for some reason I find that I don't trust them very much at night. I had them from a previous bike, so I thought I would try them on the S. I very well might try those Motech ones. They look like they would work, and IMO look better than the blocks.
I'm pretty skinny, so the standard mirrors work very well for me but I did briefly have my CRG lanesplitter on the right hand side for a blind-spot view, and it does really improve the field of vision- not usually all that useful but pretty handy when riding in large groups. I thought it'd be useful in really nadgery tight town riding, but in practice it was always popped in :rolleyes:
I have a set of the Motech wideners, brand new, if you're interested.

I ordered them by accident (needed the ones for the unfaired SV), and TwistedThrottle doens't have a great return policy. PM me an offer if you're interested.
PM sent
I have some one inch extenders from e-bay. They work well and were relatively inexpensive.
I'm running the Chewy's spacers. They are a definite improvement over stock but they still don't offer an unfettered view. I just pull my elbow in to my side and that gives you a clear view.

Like mentioned, there's not a whole lot to them so I'd spend as little as possible. I think I spent $40 for a set of LNIB Chewy's and I'm not sure that was such a great deal but I know they're more when brand new.

I think bar-ends on an "S" would be a pain in the ass, plus....what do you do with the mount on your upper fairing to make it look clean?
I modified an old Rhode Gear bicycle mirror (it was the type that strapped onto a road bike brake lever) that I added to the left side. Makes a big difference. Not that I can pick out detail of what's behind me, but I can see when something is there and how close it is. At stops I can see cars approaching from the rear very well. It sits about 4" above the bar level, so I don't have to look down quite so far. Works very well, and is even color-matched for the '05 yellow...
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