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Anyone out there have a sv1000 with lots of miles. I ride about 15k a year and am wondering how long these things last. When is the motor going to have to come out for a rebuild or trans issues?
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Check out tlstwin on the SV1000 portal. I know he has around 45k+ on his 03 SV1000S. Nothing needed except for standard maintainence items.
I'm just over 37,000 miles now on my '03S. Standard maintenance and only one valve check to date. Things were a little tight but mostly within spec or close to it. Getting ready for my first trackday next month so we'll see how it handles the stress...
there are several V-Strom 1000s out there with well over 100,000 miles
suckers are bulletproof.....just maintain it properly and wont have any issues
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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