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I've never been happy with my Micron race exhaust. I have two bikes with identical (stock) engines, except that one has a Micron exhaust and one has an M4 exhaust. Both engines have a BMC race filter. The bike with the Micron exhaust has always felt noticeably slower than the bike with the M4 exhaust.

In fact, I even blew up the motor in the bike with the "slower" Micron exhaust and put a completely new motor in. And even with the new motor, the bike with the Micron exhaust still felt slower.

The engine with the Micron exhaust runs way too rich with any jet bigger than a 140 main. The engine with the M4 exhaust runs great with a 152.5 main jet.

So I'm swapping the two exhausts on the two bikes, and leaving everything else the same. And I'll be prepared to swap jets if necessary due to the change in exhausts. And I'll be racing that way at the next event in Loudon at NHMS. I wonder if I'll feel a difference.

Here are a couple pics of the two different exhaust headers. These things aren't even remotely similar as you can see from the pics. The M4 exhaust has bigger tubes, is far more sophisticated, includes a scavenging pipe welded between the two cylinder pipes, etc.

Yet everything I read on the web (since it's on the web it *MUST* be true!) indicates that Micron exhaust makes good power.


Micron Exhaust header:

M4 Exahust header:
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