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maybe a blown fuse?

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ok. here's the story. two nights ago i was riding around and was coming up to a stop light. got to about 5mph and hit a patch of black ice and lowsided. no big deal, jacket didn't even get scratched and sliders did their job... now then, ever since then something weird has been happening. my gauges have been acting weird. the back light flickers when i go over little bumps and when that flickers, my headlights do too. also when i hit around 4.5k rpm and keep it around there the engine sputters. my speedo jumps around too. but then last night around 4 and just gunned it on the highway and when i got off everything seemed fixed.

any ideas?
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nobody? it's really nice out today. going to take it for a ride and see if it's still acting better.
Check battery connection first.
+1 on the battery. I had my bike die on me in traffic and it was just a loose battery connection. If it was getting loose then when you dumped it it might have come off.

Which side did you go down on? Is the wiring loom coming out of your headlight/instruments loose or maybe did it get yanked when the bike went down?
A fuse would mean an either or situation. Either it works or it doesn't, no flickering involved. Check for a lose connections on the battery, if not that then one of the safety switches.
On my 2002, it owuld do the same thing every so often. It was a serious PITA to troubleshoot as it would only do it for a few seconds before returning to normal. One day it went out and didn't come back. I pushed it home and after an hour or two foudn that the main fuse socket was loose. I bent it around a little with a mini flathead screwdriver and never had another problem.

maybe on tip over sensor. however, it would probably kill the engine instantly, not make it sputter, but you never know.

battery, ecu connector, main fuse/relay...
maybe on tip over sensor. however, it would probably kill the engine instantly, not make it sputter, but you never know.
TOS could cause sputtering but neither it nor any of the other safety interlocks would cause headlights to dim.
Likey the OP has found the problem by now and that's why we have not heard more.
well problem solved. was going over it with a mechanic friend of mine. we were talking about me having a different battery other than what was stock (sort of off the topic for a second) and he pulled on the battery to see what kind it was and the positive wire snapped off. somehow the wire was sheared in half and i guess just the natural bend was keeping it in contact with the bike. every bump i went over would separate the connection hence the on and off of the lights and dash... i still have no idea how that happened, but thanks for the help guys.
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