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I have a 2000 sv track bike. This weekened, at the track, I noticed the plunger was hanging up a hair in the factory mc. I feel this is a good time to upgrade to something better. I have read a couple of threads, but it has left me with more questions then answers. Also the bike has stainless lines installed.

Basically I understand that there are a couple of different options from different manufactures, i.e honda, yamaha, suzuki. Then there is also one from brembo directly.

What I'm looking for is a mastercylinder that will bolt right up, but be better performing than the stocker. I guess what I'm looking for is a radial one. I know of a 2007 cbr 600rr that I pulled an r/r off of that I can grab the mc from. Would that work?

If not, could i get a link or a list of different mc that will bolt up.

Any help would be apreciated. Thanks in advanced for any advice.
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