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Took some pics this morning, since I'm not working. I know it's not alot of snow, but I take what I'm given.


2. Someday I hope to live here.

3. Must be nice to wake up to this.

4. The York River was angry.

5. This is probably the dirtiest my truck has ever been.

6. Not many people on the beach this morning.







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as always Mike, great photos, wish our snow situation was the same as yours, unfortunately, every setup with the instrument requires 15minutes to a half hour of shoveling, Schondstat is set to highest sensitivity to find monumentation, we've got approximately 5 feet of snow cover
Mostly we just deal with cold... and that's enough for me. I was prepared this morning:
Long Johns
2 pair of socks
long sleeve thermal shirt
blaze orange hunting jacket
motorcycle gloves
Bills soft helmet

I remember working in the snow in school. Even the 3 hour labs sucked with a couple feet on the ground. I remember distinctly saying to myself "And I want to do this for a living?"

Wow....what time were you up taking these?

This is why I don't mind not having a good camera! You managed to take enough great pictures for me;D
Well, I was up at 5, in Williamsburg at 6 (boss never bothered calling me to tell me not to come in until 550... a--hole), home again by 715, bored by 730, and up at the battlefields by 8.

(no response to my quasi-a-hole comment? i only type things like that for a good response lol)
I try not to photoshop my stuff too much. I believe a good photo starts with a good shot. Any half-brained monkey can touch up something, crank up the color saturation, add sharpness, and the like. I'm a purist, and believe that the photo should represent what is there, not what you want to be there. For example, if I see one more B&W background with the subject in color shot, I will not stop rolling my eyes until Jesus comes back. Wanna impress me? Get up at 4 just to get 2 shots of the sunrise. Then we'll talk.

Or is that not the a-hole comment you were looking for?

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so did life stop as we no it for the citizens.... that's alot of snow in your parts, no?
It did. I pretty much drove 30mph from here to Williamsburg (22miles) on the interstate. VDOT didn't pre-treat the roads, because it's been raining for the past 2 days, and it would have all just washed off. The roads are just wet now, but it's well below freezing, and they're worried that all the melted snow will re-freeze tonight, and wreak havoc in the morning.

I was watching the noon news, and they were interviewing a girl in Chesapeake...

"I've never driven in this, like... it's bad. And the lady in front of me, like, she just started sliding off the road. So like, I pull the e-brake, and like I still hit her. It's all icy and really bad."

I almost punched the TV. You heard it right... in order to stop on a slippery road, she pulled the emergency brake on ice. :rolleyes: Gee... I have no idea why traffic sucks so bad down here. :BangHead:

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Who in the world was the genius that pulled the emergency brake. I hope all of his friends are car nuts and make much fun of him.
Read the previous gorram post. :angry1:

I went to the grocery store, because that's what I do on Sundays, and I was surprised to see no one pushing carts full of bread and bottled water. Overall, I'd say the morons handled it pretty well.

I was the only one out there trying* to lose traction.

*on a closed course, naturally
I've never understood that. Who doesn't keep about a day or two of food in their cupboards?

Seriously. This is 2009. It's a snowstorm.
It's not 1913 and the second coming of Jesus.

I didn't have milk, bread, or bottled water. But I DO have Gatorade (or that G2 trendy crap, cause for some reason marketing said "Gatorade" wasn't selling), enough rice to feed a southeast asian village, frozen chicken, and various canned items. One thing my mother taught me was to buy stuff when it's on sale. You might not need it, but if the time comes, and the weather is bad, or you're sick and can't get out of the house, you'll be glad you have those couple cans of tuna, soup, etc.

People are stupid.

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ah, cloths for those cooler summer days ;)

here its Sorels, Carharts, snowshoes and snowmobile gloves

where did you go to school?

I went to Paul Smith's, even worse winters than here in NH, 8-10 feet of snowcover, temps -35° to -45° were common (at least they had electrical outlets in some of the parking lots to plug in block heaters )
our class schedules were set up different , blocks of 5 weeks, 8 hours a day 5 days a week, surveying was in the fall before snow, forestry classes in dead of winter
I went to Alfred. I thought about going to Smitty's, but when I met with their rep my senior year, she said that my credit's wouldn't transfer when I went on to Alfred for my BS... so I figured why waste my money at Smitty's. Come to find out, the credits DO transfer. :angry1:

Oh well... Alfred was a good school.

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ooooo wow, look at us, we got snow, lets all run outside and take pictures!!


you guys can have however many hundreds of inches we get each season!!!:mad::mad:
I grew up near Buffalo, NY. I'm used to much more snow in the winter. But since I've been living down here for the past 7 years, I don't get to see much snow.

Yes, I miss it.
Yes, I understand what a short riding season is.
Yes, I know that the Rocky's traditionally get more snow than VA.

I was trying to show off a few photos, not upset people who aren't riding and are sick of the local weather.

Those who appreciate the photos have said so, and I thank them. But this thread has obviously run it's course, and is beginning the downward spiral.

Thread closed.
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