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Hey all..
I'm going to make my own gauge bracket, I have one from a 98 katana 600 that fits the frame so I'm half done but I don't know what height or angle to make the gauges sit.. Bike was wrecked when I got it and has nothing on the front end to go by so if someone would take a couple pics for me so I could get an idea of height and angle I'd sure appreciate it..
I have an '04 s model but I'm not doing the fairing, I'm going to go with a flyscreen of some sort to hide my DIY bracket..
Also I know the S model comes with a gauge surround plastic but does the naked have anything incorperated around the gauges.?
All I have is a gauge with broken mounts and a bracket from another bike to work with.. Thanks for any help..
If you don't want to post here you can email pics to me at [email protected]
thanks again, Joe
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