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I've ridden my bike 2 or 3 times max the past month and yesterday I took it out for a ride. I stopped at a gas station then when I turned the engine switch the FI indicator showed error and I could not hear the usual action of the pump filling the carbs the high pitched robotic sound :) it just sounded like there was something clogging it. This happened several times until finally it started. While riding around 7,8k rpm I hear this ringing sound as if something is loose underneath the fuel tank it might be the FI and my imagination is making it sound like a problem.

After that while riding between 5 and 6th gear - false neutral this does not happen as often when riding everyday same as the FI problem.

I changed the antifreeze and prior to that temp. gauge showed a steady 197F in outdoor weather temp. 3 digits 104+. Now it cant seem to find a sweetspot shoots from 185 to 201 though as overall on-spot temp is way lower and does not heat up as much. (bled the system and everything, reservoir is full and a bit on top, ran it cooled down then add coolant 2,3 times)

I am pretty sure some of the questions are gonna sound noobish and silly but cant give it a rest until I hear competent opinions from svrider memmbers.
Thanks in advance!
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