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I learned a hard lesson today about periodically checking up on the clutch cable. My cable has been kinda loose for a while, but I didnt think much of it. While riding in to town today, I had great difficulty up and down shifting, and noticed that the bike was pulling even when I had the clutch fully depressed. I figured I would just look into at once I got home later today, and figured it to be more of an annoyance than anything.

Well, that clutch must have gotten even looser while riding, because (in the middle of horrible midtown, stop and go traffic) I couldnt shift anymore while the bike was on, and the bike would just keep pulling even when I pulled in the clutch. As such, it died numerous times as I was essentially trying to restart the bike in gear without the clutch fully engaged. Even in neutral I was having problems!!! I wasnt thinking about why this was happening, and was only intent on trying to get to the side of the road and out of traffic since my bike couldnt start. I finally got her to the side of the road, and I guess all the starting/restarting had drained my battery, so I couldnt even start it up again. Waited 10 minutes, tried again and failed. Did the same one more time. Then I realized (Doh!) that it was probably my clutch cable! ::) So I re-adjusted it to be much tighter, waited another 10 minutes, and she started right up. No problems with shifting, the clutch was finally able to disengage power, and bike never died again.

Just a lesson learned to do more than just briefly look over my bike before I ride. I was never in much danger, although the problems shifting on the road didnt help my safety.
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