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And I made the jump and got myself a used 03 sv650 naked that I managed to find locally. Bike looked in good shape less a couple nicks here and there.

Had only 7200mi and "snatched" it for I think what's a fair $2400.

That gives me a little left over in the budget for some upgrades (to convert it to a track tool).

-gsxr front end
-gsxr shock
-brake pads
-SS bake lines
-frame sliders
-oil change

Down the road
-better rubber
-rear single cowl
-under cowl
-race plastics

Now the question i have is regarding the fix for newer gsxr fork. I was wondering if only the 04-05 fits or newer models as well (mainly 06-0)?
What about the rear shock?

Trying to keep this in my $600 remaining budget (at least for the front end and shock). Line and sliders may need to wait.

Any input would be appreciated.
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