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Hi guys, first posting here.

Want to share my good results with the Coleman Maddog ATV seat cover with my 2002 SV650N. Widely available for $20.


Was having a very big problem with the stock seat. Like to sit as far forward as possible, and let's just say things were getting crowded. Particularly on bumpy downhills. Ouch!

(Squeezing the tank with my knees helped, but I ride way too much for that; gel seat might be worth a try, but lower aftermarket seats not of interest.)

This cover has made a huge difference. Main benefit is the padding that rides up the tank, but overall comfort also dramatically improved.

These are not waterproof, and are said to soak up water, but somehow this hasn't been a problem on another bike I have.

The pad has 3 straps. Front strap easily goes under gas tank; middle strap under rear of seat, though better to cut off buckles and tie it on; rear strap will be removed with excess seat cover.

Rear of seat pad needs to be removed. Cuts really easily with scissors, and top of pad is bonded to the gel foam, so just cut it and forget it. (Pretty nice gel-type foam also.) DONT REMOVE TOO MUCH OF THE PAD--remove less than you think, then trim for a nice tidy fit. ALSO, RESIST TEMPTATION TO CUT AT SEAMS BETWEEN THE RAISED PADS; just cut through the pads.


Second photo shows pretty well the crazy s*** going on at the back of my SV. very successful replacement of rear seat with cargo platform to accept saddlebags (for when bike may go down in the dirt) and custom panniers/topbox/whatever I want (for utility use).

Pad also makes the seat a bit taller, which is nice for leg room, but doesn't help getting the bars raised to where I want them. :-(

Nice little ad hoc $20 mod that addresses a major pair of problems. :)
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