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Lowering seat Height

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I'm looking to buy a used SV650. I'm wondering if I can safely purchase an SV even if the seat is too tall for me. If so, how do I best go about lowering the seat height since I'd like to be flat footed. I've read about Sargent and Corbin seats.

Will it be necessary to lower the suspension? Can that be done without adversely affecting the handling of the bike. I'm 5'7'' with an 30.5-31'' inseam. I live in Colorado with twisty roads so I want to be able to lean the bike.

Here's a link which talks about lowering links.

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I would try not to lower the bike as it will effect the handling. I would recommend shaving some of the OE seat foam and cutting a little from the rubber stops under the seat.
Have you sat on an SV yet? I'm roughly the same build (slightly shorter legs) and can touch on both sides. I'm not flat-footed, but I'm confident just about anywhere. As a matter of fact, I had mine lowered but put it back to stock. It's actually high than stock now because I have a ZX-14 rear shock.

A Corbin seat should get you all the lowering you'll need - 1"-1.5". If you don't want to spend $300 you could send your seat to Great Day to Ride. He can lower it .5"-1". I recently had mine done and I absolutely love it. While it isn't drastically lower, the difference in comfort is great.

You can lower it if you wish, but handling will be affected. It will become difficult to turn and you'll lose cornering clearance. Taking off the peg feelers, rearset rises from SV-Racing-Parts (look in the vendor section) or full aftermarket rearsets will help.
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You won't need it. I'm 5'6" with about a 29" inseam, and it's no trouble to get both heels on the ground with boots on. A Corbin seat will lower it, but the Corbin's wider than stock, so you won't see much difference. I didn't, but like I said, it's NO problem.
Just get used to putting 1 leg down. You dont need to flat foot on the bike, as long as you can get both of your toes down youre fine.
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