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I have a 2007 SV650S with stock exhaust that I am looking to replace. I'm looking to boost performance a bit (and get rid of the big ugly stock pipe), without hampering my gas mileage too much. I'm not looking to spend thousands of dollars (ideally, $200-300, but I could live with under $500 or $600).

I've heard when you mod the exhaust you often have to get something like a power commander as well in order to improve performance. Is this true for all exhaust systems? A power commander would cost me another $200-300 bucks and I wouldn't really understand how to program the thing properly.

The way the exhaust sounds isn't a big factor, although I just watched a video of an SV with the M4 exhaust and I must admit, it sounds awesome, I'll be looking into that one :) I don't want something thats going to be super loud though.

Lastly, I want to keep my passenger foot pegs.

So basically, my criteria are:
-Boosts performance a bit without reducing gas mileage
-Not too expensive
-Doesn't require ECU reprogramming (like a power commander) to work
-Doesn't make my bike super loud, I actually like how quiet the stock exhaust is

Anyone have suggestions?

Oh, also, I'm not sure what the difference between the different "mount" options (high, race, etc); can someone explain? And when I looked at the M4 systems, there is the option of getting it with a "Ti Mid", what's that?
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