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lookin' at an SV650s

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hey this is my first post outside of newbie introduction. i'm looking at a gen1 SV650s in this condition:

<<~24k miles, almost entirely freeway miles, as it was previously a commuter bike, and I also used it as a commuter bike during the summer but now I have it in *** mainly to run errands that are over a mile away, to back to *** or head up to ***

The previous owner lowsided the right side of the bike under 20mph. He attempted to repair the fairings, the front still have a couple scratches and the rear fairings he rattlecanned them silver, so they look meh up close but from far away you can't tell at all from the stock paint. The right side brake lever is chipped a little, the right rear brake lever is broken off at the tip, but i drilled a hole and ran a bolt through it. Also the stock can is rashed up a little, but if you put on an aftermarket exhaust you have to chop it off the stock headers so that isn't a problem. There is also a tiny ding on the left side of the tank

The previous owner did

520 sprocket conversion and -1 +2 (claims that he needed a new chain and sprocket that day and with the bike being his commuter, that was all that was available)
stiffer springs ( not sure what the spring rate is, found this out when i got the fork seals changed)
flushmount signals
woodcraft clip ons

I did

new fork seals in january 2009, done by *** and put in 15w fork oil vs. the previous 5w
r6 throttle tube
SRAD rear gixxer shock ( still have original shock)
new pair of bt-016s with less than 1k miles on them

on really cold days, it does need choke, but otherwise the motor is in pristine condition with regular oil changes at 3k miles, used shell rotella but in the last oil change i put in cantrol semi synthetic>>

i'm a newb to SV's but not to motos in general. anyway, i haven't seen the bike yet 'cuz the weather's been so crappy i wouldn't be able to test ride it anyway. but i don't really see and red flags. what do you SV intelligentia types think of the mods and such on this bike? i just noticed he didn't mention anything about valve adjustments, what's the valve adjustment interval on these things anyway?

cheers and thanks in advance for any helpful advice,
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If the bike is as described, it sound like it was well taken care of. Perhaps even a current or former member's bike. The Rotella, the R6 throttle tube, SRAD rear shock, BT016s... all stuff I already have on my bike or would use on my bike. Whether or not the engine is "pristine" you should be the judge of that. I would not buy a used vehicle without a test run. You'd want to inspect the damage from the low side too. It's better not to take their word for it on those things, obviously. Other than that, it sounds good. Good luck!
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