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I have the following leftover from my SV experiences. Everything is BEST OFFER. At this point it is mostly just taking up space in the garage.

Exhaust Camshafts
Brake Lines (a few sets)
Radiator Fan

Coolant Overflow Tank

Forks (Might be bent), NO Damper Rods
Swing Arm

Stock Shock "Hugger"/Shock Protector (2x)
Air Box w/ Filter
De-snorkeled Filter
"S" Mirrors (1 2nd)
Thermostat Housing
Fuel Level Sensor

"S" Marker Light
License Plate Lights (1st and 2nd gen)
Axle Carriers (2 sets)
Brake Arm/Caliper Stay
Rear Brake Switch
Suspension Links
Suspension Rocker
Signals (randoms)
Rear Seat Release
Cables (Throttle, a random bunch)
Wheel Spacer
Random Battery Box Related Plastics (2nd gen)
"S" Head Light (busted, 1st gen)
Shift Star


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Interested in clutch actuator and cable, would you ship to New Zealand?
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