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Let's see your bicycle...2009 edition

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I thought we used to have s thread with bicycle pictures, but I couldn't find it. I found a bunch of bicycle threads, but not a dedicated picture one.

Last spring I bought a 2001 Kona Hahana and it renewed my love of riding. Due to lack of trails I had pretty much converted it to "hybrid status". But the frame was a little small, the slicks were still kind of fat, and I think the MTB gearing hurt me on the street. So I posted it on Craigslist and sold it in one day.

Here's my new bike. Bike snobs will turn up their noses at it, but I love it and have been riding it a LOT. It's a Schwinn Tourist hyrbid. 700c wheels, flat bars, aluminum frame, 24 spd. I got it al a small LBS who also sells Specialized and Trek. I am pretty sure I have seen this bike at Target, but figured buying from the LBS was the way to go. Still a cheap bike but until I graduate, $200 is a lot for me to spend right now, lol. I peeled most of the stupid stickers off, still a few I missed, and haven't decided if the kickstand is staying or going. I need to add a bottle cage, pump, and a small tool kit yet also.

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What kind of seat was it? I am researching saddles and trying to get opinions on a bunch of different ones.
The one I sent to Brad was (I think) a Selle Italia San Marco Era Lux. The USPS team used to ride on that saddle... not the Lux one, which has some extra padding.

Personally, I have a Terry Fly Tri Gel. It cost around $130 and has been with me for a very comfortable 10,000+ miles in the saddle. You should go out and just try some. Some bike shops will let you do it, some won't, some have a short period in which to test it. Terry (originally only made saddles for women) has a 30-day policy. If you don't like it, return it. That's what originally made me go for it. Also, it's a triathalon saddle, so it is meant to be used by individuals who sit on it for longer periods, in an aerodynamic position, without standing.

Really, your ass is different than anyone else's ass. You need to listen to your own ass when it comes to bike saddles. ;D
These are just google images of them. Haven't bought a new bike in a few years trying to get myself back racing. Nationals are in Oregon this year and next sooooo, we shall see.

2004 Bianchi Giro Road

K2 Enemy Cyclocross

Windsor "the hour" Track

K2 Mod 5.0 set up for TT & triathalons

Softride Road wing Frame
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You really own that many bikes Lance?

So besides the obvious knobbies, what's the difference between a cyclocross and regular road bike?
So besides the obvious knobbies, what's the difference between a cyclocross and regular road bike?
Beefier frame to take the punishment.
I've never tried Soft Ride, but I've seen them a lot on different rides. Sort of funny looking, but if it's comfy....

My Brooks saddle from about 30 years of riding, started coming apart last year. Too many years of sweat, sun, rain, and neglect :)BangHead:) took it's toll. Now the thought is, do I try to break in another, or go with a much lighter modern seat that never quite shapes to my butt, but is pretty close out of the box.
You really own that many bikes Lance?

So besides the obvious knobbies, what's the difference between a cyclocross and regular road bike?
Yep. I sold my mountain bike. I use my sons BMX bike. and it doesn't include some of the other frames and I'm not sure how many wheel sets I have. I raced for a good 10 years. I stopped about 3 years ago but I'm gonna make my comeback this year, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Like Silver said about the cyclocross bike. It's beefier, it has mtb style brakes for tire clearance and they also, usually raise the bottom bracket (cranks) a bit higher for clearance. It's my favorite of all the bicycle racing I've done. It's becoming quite big here in the states finally.
That's cool. I wouldn't mind trying 'cross once I get in better shape.
Bump...anybody been riding?
Been riding, no pics.
What the heck, you've been taking pictures of everything else ;D.
What the heck, you've been taking pictures of everything else ;D.
I gave my point & shoot to my mom :tard:

The dSLR is too big for the bicycle... oh well. I guess I could make some use of the camera on my phone.
so anyone else freeride? I just put a new drivetrain on my bike along with a truvativ chain guide. Can't wait to hit the trails this year, also got myself a full face helmet and full body armor.
Here's my GT out for a winter spin.
Now that's pretty keen.
So I picked up a cheap road bike and the bars are total crap. They are two pieces with this funky stem that uses shims. I picked up an adjustable 1" Kalloy stem for $15 and then I bought some Easton EA50's for $10 on ebay but I need tape. What does everyone run?
I like the gel tape. but for just cruising, just about anything will work.
Went mt biking for the first this year on Tuesday. Did about 7 miles so not too bad for a first ride. Took about an hour and a half with a few breaks during to goof around on logs and such.
Really reminds me of just how out of shape I get over winter.
The best part was that they do a women's ride on tuesdays at the same place and the g/f went this week and has planned to continue going so that's good. She's very new to off-road biking so I prefer that she ride with a slower group to get used to it and build confidence and stamina.
hey everybody, i haven't been on here in quite some time due to school and family stuff. here's my mercier bike. i wrecked it yesterday trying to answer my cellphone. you can't quit pedaling on this type of bike or you will go straight over the bars!

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d*mn cell phones. is it totaled?
d*mn cell phones. is it totaled?
The bike is fine! Bar tape is all shredded up, my bar end mirror broke, and my saddle has some scrape marks, but nothing electrical tape won't fix. I could really use some prescription painkillers or lots of whiskey right about now. I deserved it though. Should have stopped first, then answered the stupid cellphone.
Yeah never answer the phone while riding, LOL. Sucks to hear about your bike.

LS I took your advice and got some SRAM gel tape. It's very comfy. Here's a crappy pic (yes ASC it's a cell phone pic, my wife has our camera at a graduation). It was my first ever tape wrap job and I added Teknic cross top levers while I was at it:

Edit: That blue wrap looks way lighter in a picture than it does in person.
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