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LED license plate bolt instal - need help

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First, I just want to thank everyone for contributing information on the LED flasher relay installation. It made may day easier because of your posts!

However, I was simultaneously trying to install some LED license plate bolts to keep her legal. Yet, I did not have any luck because both of the wires leading to the stock license plate light light are black. They originate as brown and black and change to black and black through a white plastic quick disconnect. I tried both possible scenarios (red to black 1 and black to black 2, and red to black 2 and black to black 1) and nothing happened. Is the load to much for the LEDs or something? Please help me with this?
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try hooking up the LEDs seperately to see if they are wired wrong. You wont hurt them so dont be scared. With LEDs you need to have thm ligned up just right or else they wont work.

I got mine hooked up to my brake lights right now and had no issues yet
I noticed the brake lights have three wires (white, grey, black). How exactly did you wire the LEDs to them?

BTW: I went to radioshack and baught a Bridge Rectifier thinking that it would convert the current from AC to DC so I could use the original license plate wires. It did not work, but I am going to do some more investigating.
three wires yes. one is the ground one is the switched running wire and the other is the switched brake wire. use the ground and the switched wire. if it no work then switch polls on the led if that dont work led is bad. at that point i would just run the led to the battery to test it
Which colors correspond to the switched running wire and the ground wire?

However, I would prefer not having to splice into them. If anyone else can explain to me how (perhaps using a bridge rectifier in conjunction with a resistor) I can use the stock license plate bulb wiring I would be very grateful.
sorry. I do not know the colors I can check the manual when I get home in 4 hours.
why would you want to connect to the brake lamp?

if you want to hook up LED plate bolts:

1 disconnect the stock license plate harness.
2 cut the harness from the license plate bulb housing.
3 strip about 1/4" insulation from the end of both wires.
4 connect the stripped wires to your LED connectors, 1 bolt at a time.
5 plug the harness back in and turn on your bike.
6 if it doesn't work reverse the wires and try again.
7 once it's working mark the corresponding wires.
8 disconnect and repeat for the other LED bolt.
9 splice the matching LED bolt wires together.
10 connect to the license plate wire harness.

how you choose to splice and reconnect to the stock wire is up to you depending on how
you are routing the wires.
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He didnt say he was going to hook it to the brakes. I was stating where I hooked mine too. I'm sorry I feel having more brake lights are important. I also have the same type of bolts on the sides where the reflectors used to be are now turn signals. meh to each his own, I find electrical work easy so I get crazy with it.
svsuperninja, I tried that and the LEDs did not light up.
grab a 9v battery and try to light the leds with it. if they turn on then you are doing something wrong if not the led is bad
Posted that photo of my connection to LED on the other thread.
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